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 Warning! Spoilers be Here!


Luna Bee is the offspring of Polaris Bee (pictured above), founder of the OG Bee Legacy. Polaris is an alien agent sent from the Hegemony of Alcyone to procure metals, gems, and rocks as part of a research mission. She revolts, as heroines in dystopias tend to do, and settles down in Lucky Palms. She has triplets with a human named Luke Loveday. Her triplets are Solaris (a boy), Elysia (a girl), and Luna.Out of the three, Luna looks the most Alcyonian.

 Polaris leads a life full of action, intrigue, and some personal drama. She eventually leaves Luke and reconnects with her lost love Crux (also an alien). During this time, Polaris and her family are hunted by members of the Alcyonian government (Commander Eridanus and his lackey/paramour Andromeda, the Sexecutioner). In a climactic tragedy, Luna is kidnapped by the Commander et al.. While her parents, Crux, and family friend/fellow alien Lyra are able to save Luna, Luna witnesses the apparent death of Crux. Despite the trauma she endures, Luna strikes up a romance with Quentin Parker, a boy she meets at school.

The Bees move to Sunset Valley. Their new idyllic life is quickly interrupted when it is revealed that supernatural creatures--as well as Crux--are being held by a mysterious government agency headed by none other than Quentin Parker's father, Lawrence Parker.

Gen. One: Luna Bee and Quentin Parker

Luna Bee and Quentin Parker move to Aurora Skies to escape their dysfunctional families. Quentin pledges that they will have a boring life (1.1). Soon after moving in, Luna catches the kitchen on fire (the most exciting thing to happen to date!).  She also becomes homesick, and decides to write her mom. In return, her mom threatens to visit her in Aurora Skies (1.2).

Quentin easily finds work as a house musician for the local theatre. Meanwhile, Luna decides to try her hand at writing. She quickly publishes her first novel, a sci-fi adventure entitled The Collective. Quentin is initially not supportive, but soon apologizes and swears to stand by Luna's decision to become a writer (1.3) .

Soon after The Collective is published, Luna notices she's been followed around town. Quentin scares away her stalker, but unbeknownst to the couple, he follows them to their house and witnesses an intimate moment (1.4).

 The strange stalker turns out to be Crimson Byrd, a fellow Alyconian who suffers from serious self esteem issues. His twin sister, Clover, advises him that he might run into Luna again and the two meet at Bjorn Cafe (1.5).  Crimson explains that he followed her because he was excited to see another alien. He gives some generic descriptions of life on Alcyone, his homeworld, and offers to help Luna write her next book. He also meets Quentin, who responds to him coldly (1.6).

Despite his bad first impression, Crimson becomes friends with Luna and Quentin. He does prove to be a bit of a know-it-all, and argues with Luna about the existence of telepaths. As if on cue, her telepathic sister Elysia comes to Aurora Skies, attempting to escape a criminal charge for fraud. Elysia and Crimson immediately dislike each other (1.7). Elysia, Clover, Luna, and Quentin all bond and become friends. Quentin and Clover play together in a band called Pizza Mouth, and they perform at the House of Ragnarock and Roll (aka the HORR Bar). While Clover has no problems fitting in with the group, Crimson finds himself left out (1.8).

 After Elysia picks a fight with Luna and Quentin, Quentin proposes to Luna (much to the dismay of Crimson). Quentin, Clover, Luna, and Elysia celebrate. That night, Luna has an unsettling nightmare (1.8). After Luna's engagement, Elysia finds a place in Aurora Skies to live. Clover offers to throw a bachelorette party for Luna, and she accepts. While the night starts off innocently enough, Clover drugs Elysia and Luna, rendering them unconscious (1.9).

Clover calls her brother and invites him to the bar, promising a good time. When Elysia awakes, she finds that her and Luna are bound and sitting in chairs on the HoRR Bar's stage. Clover assaults Elysia and tells her how much she dislikes the way Elysia treated Crimson. In her rage, she accidentally knocks Elysia unconscious again. When Luna awakes, Clover reveals that she is the daughter of Andromeda, aka the Sexicutioner, a villainous figure who kidnapped Luna when she was a teenager. Luna's mother Polaris had killed Andromeda, and Clover is seeking revenge. Clover's father is Commander Eridanus, who was also behind Luna's kidnapping. Before Clover can exact revenge, Crimson arrives at the bar. He tries to talk her down, but Clover stabs him in the stomach with a knife (1.10).

Two days later, the HORR Bar is cordoned off as a crime scene, and Quentin is being questioned by police as a witness. He describes how he arrived at the bar later that night looking for Luna, and he found Crimson and Clover lying on the first floor of the bar. Meanwhile, Luna receives good news from a kind doctor: she's pregnant (1.11).

Elysia, meanwhile, is waiting in a hospital room for Crimson to wake up. When he wakes up, he remembers how the fateful night ended: he pulled the knife out of his stomach, stabbed his sister, and then she pushed him off a balcony. She fell alongside him, and died of her stab wound. Elysia tries to comfort Crimson to no avail, until she uses her telepathy to share a calming thought with him. It was much more touching than it sounds in this summary, I swear (1.11).

Quentin and Luna get married on the beach. Shortly after, they have twins: Lydia and Luke (1.12). Meanwhile, Elysia and Crimson's relationship becomes romantic (who didn't see that coming?). Luna finds out she's pregnant. She has a girl, Lark (1.13).

The twins grow up quickly, but Lark seems to lag in her development. The Bees move to a new home, and Luna starts having regular dinners with Crimson, Elysia, and their son, Lowell, who is only slightly older than Lark. One night after one such dinner, Quentin hears someone in Lark's room. When he investigates, he finds a strange man lingering over Lark's crib. In a moment of instinct, Quentin knocks out the man (go Quentin!) (1.14).

The man turns out to be Mercury, who has a past with the Bee family (if interested, see chapters 1.8, 1.25, 1.26, 1.27, 2.2, and 2.3 of the OG Bee Legacy). He was dating Luna's younger sister Nova before he disappeared. Mercury refuses to answer questions as to why he was attempting to kidnap Lark. Elysia attempts to read his mind, but when she touches his arm, she experiences a memory of him dying, then making a deal with a strange fae to regain his life. His deal requires him to always repay debt. The fae is able to interact with Elysia even though it's a memory; Elysia turns this frightening experience into an opportunity: she recalls Mercury saying, "I owe you one" to Luna, and calls in a debt on her sister's behalf. Luna decides that in exchange for her debt, she wants Mercury's obedience. This allows her to free him from the fae's grasp. This all sounds strange, but it's pertinent, I swear (1.15).

In the aftermath of the near-kidnapping of Lark, Quentin adopts a dog named Sheba. He promises Luna that Sheba will alert them to any intruders, though Luna is doubtful. Sheba and Lark quickly bond, and Sheba--a very astute dog--notices that Lark's stuffed fairy bear seems to be speaking to Lark, promising to bring Lark to her. Sheba disposes of the bear. That night, an intruder "breaks" into the Bee household by walking through walls, much like Mercury is/was able to. He attempts to kidnap Lark, but Sheba intervenes--it is revealed she's a hellhound capable of breathing fire (cool!). Lark ages up soon after, and Sheba is able to tell that she is no longer in danger of being kidnapped (1.16).

Polaris (Luna's mother), Luke Senior (Luna's father), and Crux (Luna's stepfather) all come to visit. Crux makes peace with both Quentin (who feels guilty about his father's involvement in Crux's incarceration in a government research facility) and Crimson (whose mother and father were the ones that got Crux captured in the first place). It's a very touching chapter, I assure you, but it was largely written for readers of my original legacy (1.17).

While Polaris is visiting, she becomes close to Lark. She tells her granddaughter about how she ended up in Simnation, and she doles out totally inappropriate advice. During her visit, it also becomes apparent that Lark is very different from her genius siblings (1.18).

Lark, despite her friendly nature and natural curiosity, is not as academically inclined as her siblings. This is a point of concern for Luna, who tries to push Lark into being more like her siblings. Lark is also extremely accident prone. Electronics seem to malfunction whenever she's near (1.19).

The twins soon age up. Lydia demonstrates a propensity for politics, while Luke is more interested in forensics and logic (well that isn't obvious at all). Soon after she becomes a teen, Lydia starts dating Kristofer Vinter. Luke is less lucky with love (1.20).

While she isn't good at many things, Lark demonstrates a talent for gardening. She tends the plants at the community garden. She is also "friends" with the sole inhabitants of the community garden, Mother Clucker and the other hens. She seeks advice from the before she becomes a teen. Right before she ages up, Lark wishes for more adventure in her life (1.21).

As a teen, Lark is good friends with her cousin, Lowell Bee, and a girl named Kyra Wrede. During a sleepover, Kyra--who believes strongly in astrology--suggests consulting a ouija board. During the seance, she asks their "spirit guide" for the name of the person who will change Lark's life, a question based on Lark's horoscope that day. The board's planchette spirals, then spells N-I-C. Lark is skeptical that it means anything. However, that night she starts having strange dreams about fairies and trio of men (1.22).

Lark attends the Summer Festival with Lowell and Kyra. She's becoming increasingly suspicious that there's something going on between the two, which makes her feel left out. While there, she bumps into a boy from school (literally). She discovers her phone is lost, and the person who found it texts Kyra to return the phone. It turns out it was the boy she bumped into. Weird. His name is Nikolas, though he sometimes goes by Nick. Also weird. The two teens hit it off, somewhat awkwardly (1.23).

Lark continues to have strange dreams. Specifically, she dreams she's playing giant-sized chess against a fairy. Soon, the trio of men from her earlier dream begin to show up more and more consistently. Lark asks her father to teach her how to play chess. She also goes out on what soon becomes a date with Nikolas. While on her date, she runs into Kyra and Lowell, also on a date, which hurts her precious widdle feewings. Nikolas and Lark have their first kiss (1.24).

Luna approaches Lark one night and asks her to meet with an unnamed friend. Lark agrees. The following day, Lark comes home from school to find the trio of men in her living room (bwaaaat?). The men are led by Bastian (the man with the leather coat and half a man bun), who is searching for his daughter. His daughter was taken by a fae when she was a toddler, and the men believe that lark might be the key to getting his daughter back. Mark (formerly known as Mercury, who you may recall from earlier chapters/parts of this summary) explains that it's only possible to get to the fae if one knows her name, because she lives in a magical realm only accessible through a specific ritual. Dom, the young man with the full man bun (who happens to be Bastian's son), prepares a memory ritual, which Bastian performs on Lark. It causes Lark to remember the fae's name: Atë (1.25).

Dom decides that the group will leave the following morning, before dawn. During this time, Lark gets to know Mark and Bastian a little better. She learns that Bastian's daughter is Dom's half-sister, conceived due to an extra-marital affair. Through the night, Lark also feels as if she's being called to the other realm where the fae is. In the morning, she leads the three men to a fairy circle (a ring of mushrooms). They ask for the fae's name for the ritual, but she refuses to give it. Dom casts a spell that forces her to say the name, then he wipes her memory and casts a sleep spell. Bastian and Dom perform the lackluster ritual and leave behind Mark and an unconscious Lark (1.26).

While unconscious, Lark dreams about Dom and Bastian. The dream itself is murky (you know, being a dream and all), but Lark can tell that Dom and Bastian are able to defeat the fae. However, Bastian's daughter decides to stay in the other realm (1.26).

Life returns to normal. Sheba has puppies. Lydia and Luke are excelling at school. Lark continues to see Nikolas regularly. One night, she invites him to her house. There, he meets Luke. Luke--seemingly in possession of knowledge about Nikolas--begins to grill Nikolas about how he met Lark. It's during this interrogation that Lark realizes that Nikolas stole her phone as a pretense for meeting her.  Lark breaks up with Nikolas. Shortly after that, Lydia and Luke grow up. Luke joins the police force, and Lydia enters politics (1.27).

Around the same time, Lark receives a letter from Dom. He thanks her for her help and apologizes for using magic on her without her permission. He also confirms that his sister decided to stay in the fae realm. Lark writes back, inviting him to Aurora Skies and asking him to come pick up some books he left behind (1.27). 

Luna finishes and publishes her twenty-fifth book, which is a fictionalized version of Bastian's quest to find his daughter. She wrote the book using conversations she had with him, as well as information she gleaned from Lark. Lark, meanwhile, rekindles her relationship with Nikolas, who promises to be honest with her in the future. Lark grows up soon after that. Quentin and Luna worry about what's going to happen to her next, but Quentin reassures Luna that Lark will have a normal life (1.28).

Generation Two: Lark Bee

Lark and Nikolas move in together soon after graduation. Lark enlists her brother for help moving. When left alone with Nikolas, Luke accuses him of being part of an organized crime network; Nikolas doesn't deny the accusation, and the two men bicker. Lark overhears the end of their argument and explodes on Luke; it is also apparent that Luna and Quentin don't approve of Nikolas. Regardless of that, Lark continues her relationship with Nikolas (2.1).

  While Nikolas obviously has a job, Lark is unemployed. Her friend Kyra suggests that she become a mixologist, which Lark reluctantly accepts. She starts working at the HORR Bar. One night after work, she overhears Nikolas talking to someone. She eavesdrops on him talking to a man via webcam; Nikolas appears to be setting up a deal to steal something for the unnamed man. After the conversation is over, Lark accuses Nikolas of being a thief, and he admits to it. Lark is surprisingly comfortable with his choice of employment--her one gripe is that he didn't tell her sooner (2.2).

Since she's so interested in his work, Lark helps Nikolas with his next heist: he has been tasked with stealing a collection of wands from a local museum, so they two "case" the museum under the guise of a date. Nikolas' partner in crime. Karl Liefson, is also at the museum during this time. To her embarrassment, Lark vomits in front of the wand exhibit, drawing unnecessary attention to herself. Once outside, Karl hypothesizes she's pregnant after smelling her (gross, right??) (2.3).

A few nights later, Nikolas and Karl go to the museum to steal the wands. Karl is in charge of disabling the cameras, which he does with preternatural ease. However, stealing the wands themselves proves difficult. Each time someone picks up a wand, it affects the area around them in an unsettling way: the first wand silences the room so Karl and Nikolas can't talk, the second causes them to float upside down, the third causes them to have to "swim" through the air, and the last one makes everything in a 15 feet radius of the wand exceptionally loud. Nikolas hypothesizes it's special technology, while Karl asserts its magic (2.3).

The day after the heist, Dominic returns to Aurora Skies--the wands belong to his family, and he's on a mission to find them (2.3).

Shortly after the heist, Lark realizes she's pregnant. She's apprehensive due to Nikolas' career in crime, but he's overjoyed.  He promises to stay safe, but is arrested soon after for an unpaid traffic citation (A/N: This is somewhat common in parts of the U.S., so I've decided it happens in Simnation as well). Karl informs Lark of Nikolas' arrest, then keeps her company until Nikolas returns home. During this time, Lark receives a text message from Dominic, asking if they could meet up (2.4). 

  Nikolas, meanwhile, is clumsily interrogated by Luke, who suspects that Nikolas is behind the museum heist. A lawyer named Bianca Esposito halts the interrogation, saying Nikolas is her client and she's cleared up his citation and warrant. Once they're alone, she informs Nikolas that Gaius Gallus had sent her; she berates him for his incompetence and vaguely threatens him, as both vampires and lawyers are wont to do (2.4).

When Nikolas returns home, he and Lark get into a fight concerning the danger of his career and the impact if could have on their child. They quickly reconcile. As Lark is falling asleep in Nikolas' arms, she suddenly recalls the text from Dominic--she then realizes that he's in town in search of the wands Nikolas stole, since they were donated on behalf of the Tremaux family (2.4).

  Lark meets up with Dominic a few nights later while she's tending bar at Bartleby's. They speak for awhile, then Dominic asks for the books he left with her when she was still a teenager. Once they get to her home, though, he realizes a scroll is missing. He says that it isn't the first item of his to go missing in AS, and she clumsily spills the beans: she knows that someone stole his family's wands, and she knows who did it. She tells him the wands were sold to a buyer, and she can find out where he is. Dominic surmises that Nikolas is the one who stole the wands, and confronts Lark about her willingness to aid (and date) a thief (2.5).

Lark discovers that the wands were sent to Gaius Gallus in Roaring Heights. Dominic thanks her for her help. Nikolas arrives home, and the two men meet. After Dominic leaves, Lark mentions that she had held on to some books for him. Nikolas doesn't react to the comment, but she suspects he was the one who stole the scroll from the book cache (A/N: this was my fault as a writer--Nikolas totally stole the scroll and sent it to Gaius with the wands, and I didn't make that clear. Sorry) (2.5).

Dominic goes to Roaring Heights and locates Gaius' house. He formulates a plan: he uses a glamour spell to make himself look like Nikolas, and then he breaks into Gaius' house at dawn on Leisure Day, the longest day of the year. He finds the wands and scroll in a basement room, but he is stopped from taking them by a witch. She knocks him out, and he wakes up hours later at dusk. He is able to render her unconscious with a sleep spell, and then he wipes her memory of his presence (2.6).

Unfortunately, Gaius catches Dominic as he's leaving. Dominic is only able to escape by taking advantage of arithmomania, which is the uncontrollable need to count. He had read about it as a vampiric weakness in a textbook. Dominic drops a pocketful of pebbles to the floor, and Gaius is forced to stop and count them. Dominic takes that as his opportunity to escape, but he notices as he leaves that Bianca--Gaius' partner, who seems to be younger--does not stop and count the pebbles (2.6).

When he gets back to his hotel room, Dominic realizes--far too late, of course--that his plan put not only Nikolas in danger, but Lark as well. This upsets him deeply (2.6).

Meanwhile in Aurora Skies, Nikolas and Lark's lives hurdle forward. On Leisure Day, Nikolas proposes to Lark on the balcony of Bjorn Cafe, where they first met. She accepts (duh). They then go to the Leisure Day Festival, where Lark visits with her siblings and Nikolas goofs around. Lark then goes into labor (2.7).

After a quick labor, Lark gives birth to a son who they name Bjorn (2.7).


  1. Bwaaaat? It's updated, thanks! =D
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    1. No problem! I usually try to update every couple of chapters, because it keeps me from forgetting important things in my legacy. XD

      I do a mixture of both. I try to come up with ideas for a couple of big events for each generation/heir. For example, I already have a couple of chapter ideas for Lark that will likely be staged, and I have a general idea of when in her life I want these events to happen. But I also play the game for a few sim days at a time and try to come up with story ideas centered around what happens or what my sims wish. Sometimes I go back and add in staged stuff to make it more cohesive. You picked up on this legacy right as I did one of the heavily staged story arcs, but the next couple of chapters will likely be story based off of gameplay. :)


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